Wilmslow 2018

Wilmslow Training Day, Saturday 29th September 2018

On Saturday 29th September 2018 we gathered for the CYTA Training Day at Wilmslow Methodist Church.

The day began with our mats forming a Thanks-giving Circle for the Autumn Equinox. Everyone brought an item with them to place in the circle. The items consisted of candles, fruit, feathers, wooden beads and stones.

Under Avril Moussalli’s direction we began by chanting Om in different pitches followed by chanting Hey Yungua, which is a Native American chant used to invoke the Spirit of our ancestors who have gone before, asking for guidance.

A talking bowl was then passed around the circle giving everyone an opportunity to share what they were thankful for.

Anne Goldstraw then took us through a series of standing, seated and lying asanas which included variations of the Bridge Pose, The Boat, The Lying Tree.

The morning concluded with a meditation which was led by Christine Royale. This focused us on the heart chakra and we were all given a piece of rose quartz to place on our heart chakras. The meditation also included us being sprayed with rose water as we visualised a pink rose. After the event we enjoyed a shared lunch where many commented on how much they had enjoyed the mornings practice.