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What are the Association’s Aims?

  • To provide Yoga teachers with opportunities to exchange ideas and share knowledge with fellow teachers
  • To raise the standard of teaching by encouraging discussion, experimentation and innovation in the presentation of yoga.
  • To arrange 1 day and weekend seminars on Yoga and related subjects for teachers and their students.
  • To offer to support teachers in all aspects of their work.
  • To promote the awareness of teacher training courses which lead to fully accredited and nationally recognised professional qualifications.
  • To promote the cause of Yoga and to maintain links with local and national organisations with similar aims.

Who can join?

  • Qualified Yoga teachers, trainee teachers and serious students of yoga.

How do I join?

  • Complete and return the membership application form.
  • The full year joining fee/ subscription cost is due on April 1st each year (and runs until the end of March the following year).
  • If you join after September 30th the half year cost for that year is payable.

What advantages are there to joining?

  • All members receive a quarterly CYTA Newsletter either by post or email.
  • All members pay a reduced rate at CYTA events
  • All members can attend the Annual General Meeting.
  • All members can attend the free half day  & shared lunch.
  • All members have voting rights- to elect Committee and Officers.
  • All members can apply to become a Committee member when a position becomes available.
  • Full members can have their classes listed on the CYTA website, which puts their classes in the public domain.  Any links to the full member’s own website can also be included.
  • Over a year, saving  £20 on 3 seminars and  £15 to £47 on the Summer weekend event.


  • CYTA annually hold 1 day seminars during March and November
  • A weekend in  June or July
  • The Annual General Meeting is held in March for members.
  • A half day training seminar & shared /social lunch in Sept or Oct
  • see the website for an up to date list of events.